Software Engineer


  • Studied Computer Science & Physics at the University of Otago
  • 4+ years experience with TypeScript & React
  • 3 years experience with PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Express
  • 2 years experience with AWS & Cloudflare
  • Experienced in maintaining multi-hundred-thousand-line codebases
  • Experienced and comfortable in tiny teams
  • Happy to wear many hats in a project
  • Can communicate and advocate for the needs of my team with the rest of the business
  • Deep understanding of design principles
  • Enthusiastic and fast learner
  • Deeply self-motivated


Code Club Aotearoa

I have volunteered as a mentor for Code Club Aotearoa for the last 7 years, teaching kids how to code. This has given me many opportunities to practice my communication skills and explaining technical concepts to students and parents of all abilities.

Hypergood CSS

Frustrated by the current state of bundle-time CSS frameworks, I made another one. Focused on conciseness, readability, and creating the smallest possible CSS bundle. This CV was built with it.

Previous Work

St John Elections (2023)

Our team collaborated with St John to create an online system to conduct and manage their internal elections, which now serves over 10,000 members.

I was brought on as the sole frontend engineer to migrate the system from a PHP monolith to a SolidJS SPA frontend and JSON API. We noticeably improved the performance for users and drastically reduced the time to deploy new features, along with unlocking the ability to implement new deeply interactive features using their election dataset that were previously unfeasible.

Webstack (2022-present)

I am the principal frontend engineer for Webstack, a no compromises website builder for small to medium businesses. I am responsible for the entire frontend, including the design system, WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editors for websites and emails, and an advanced rich-text editor.

I set up automated testing and deployment pipelines, set a consistent code standard, and kept up-to-date documentation. This meant I could onboard new developers and have them deploying updates within hours of joining the business.

I translated business requirements and user feedback into actionable technical tasks for myself and the rest of the team, and made sure everyone knew what needed to be worked on and why.

Tuia (2022)

My first project at a new business as a web developer was to single-handedly fix and build on top of a 100k line single-file React Native proof of concept built in 2019 for the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. I quickly grew beyond my initial job description and refactored it into a modern, maintainable, well-documented app, keeping up with feature requests along the way.